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Aerosol delivery just got easier at 1/2 the price of competitive units

Works with Waterbury
Quickly snaps on can with no leaking of propellant
Promote professional image
Easy to use on/off value
Pouch with belt loop
6" coiled hose
Patent pending design


Precision application of gel baits for cockroach and ant control
Range of bait placement sizes available from calibrated knob
Consistent delivery with each trigger pull
Deluxe holster
Works with most baits
Retracting plunger design eliminates drip at the tip
Saves your money on wasted bait due to over application when using inexpensive bait guns






B&G foggers have motors available in both 110/60Hz or 220/240V. Tank is rotationally molded and has seamless design for maximum strength. Made of corrosion resistant materials for use with many chemicals. 1 to 1.5 gallon capacity with 3 1/2" wide opening






An Electric Dust/Granular application that is ideal for applying a large volume of material consistently over a broad area.

Chamber holds 3lbs. of dust or granules
Extension adds a static charge to the dust
Flexible 1 ft. hose to direct material to target
available in 110V or 220V
12" direct application attachment





Just hand pump and foam
Great for wall voids and drains
Stainless steel tank - Heavy-duty construction
Excellent for termites, ants or small flies
Portable and easy to use
No adjustments makes great foam every time
Most parts interchangeable with standard B&G parts
Economically priced



The B&G Wood Treatment System produces 10-15 times the volume of liquid as compared to a traditional foamer and 5 times more capacity as compared to typical fan sprays. This ensures that the chemical can penetrate deeper than any other method

Delivers liquid or foam insecticide
3-gallon tank, 30ft or 50 ft. hose
Compressor maintains tank pressure adjustable to 80 psi
Ideal for pre-treatments of structural wood, sub-slab re-treatments for termites




Introducing the first all season light trap. The first true flexible light trap designed to handle all different levels of fly problems.

Either configuration contains:

25-5--75-100 watts of UV light
2 glueboard configuration
Attracts insects from two sides
Most powerful trap available
Available in white or black
Mount on wall, or hang using concealed handles
Shatterproof bulbs available
Dimensions 21" x 14" 5"


The Accu-spray is an important tool for any IPM Program. The compact design allows insecticide to be applied to areas where insect activity is present. There are many models and configurations available








The world famous B&G sprayer is available in a variety of models and with features that fit every pest control application. Built from the highest quality components, the B&G Sprayer is designed for years of dependable service








Termite tools put you in control of termite treatment costs. Apply the correct amount of termiticide every time, in precise locations. Reduce technician fatigue. Do-it-right the first time with our complete sets of termite tools