Why Pestokill

The early 80's were very eventful times for Dubai, when the real estate development was taking off and Dubai was transforming itself into business hub for the region. One of the main stumbling blocks to the brisk progress that Dubai was able to achieve was dearth of professional companies in the service sector with expertise, equipment and dedicated professionals. East Coast Service Group was setup in 1982 to try and fill the vacuum and make life more enjoyable to the growing cosmopolitan population of Dubai. The thrust areas were the control of domestic and industrial pest, security service and professional cleaning service.


Pestokill is the subsidiary of East Coast Service Group specialised in pest control in various sectors. At Pestokill we follow a sustainable approach to managing pests by combining biological,physical and chemical tools in a way that minimizes economic, health, and environmental risks. Our approach is designed to eliminate and prevent pests in business, industries, institutions, and have proven programs for specialized industries like health care, food processing, schools, hospitality and office buildings.


The advantage that make a Pestokill solution superior to the others in the industry are :


Quick Response
Technical expertise to solve every problem
Modern and environmentally sound service procedures
Experienced Technicians who consistently deliver
Pest-free environment with reduced reliance on pesticides
Problem situation anticipated and eliminated before they begin
Scheduled service - after hours and weekends for maximum discretion and convenience.